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Blackjack is the only game where skills matter the most. Players have to learn about various strategies and then have to incorporate them into their gameplay. It is important to note that every strategy of Blackjack is entirely based on maths and logic. You have to trust only your numbers and forget everything about winning rituals. Look out for Blackjack strategy that will help you in winning!

Your Guide to Canadian Online Blackjack in 2018

In free Blackjack games, no superstition is going to help you as it all depends on your tactics. Here is a complete guide with the best tactics that you can adopt to win every time you have fun playing free blackjack!

About Blackjack Online

No one knows about the origin of this popular game just like poker. However, many countries like France, Italy, and America believed that this game has inherited out of tradition. For example, Italians argue that blackjack is a debased Italian version of “Seven and a half” and French people believe that this online game is directly related to the game “French Chemin de Fer,” whereas Americans call Blackjack truly their invention.

Interestingly, some researchers in Canada have shared an evidence calling Blackjack wholly theirs. So, it might be confusing but people all over the world play Blackjack enthusiastically.

Blackjack card values

Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack strategies that would help you to win include:

• When to Stand or Hit

There is no specific strategy for when to stand or hit but you have to keep some basic things in mind while dealing with your cards in comparison to the dealer’s. You have to learn basics as there is no other driveway for winning this game.

For instance, if you are dealt 4-8 and the dealer shows any card, then you should always hit, whereas if you are dealt 12-16 and the dealer shows lower ones, then you should stand. There are chances of the dealer getting bust in these showings. So, place your betting wisely to strip down the dealer!

• Not to take Insurance

In a general tone, in case you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace, then you should not pay attention to the dealer’s option regarding taking insurance. There are high chances of your winning than betting more money on whether the dealer also has blackjack or not. Therefore, do not surrender without playing.

• Double Down

Remember at all times to double down on any card with 10 or 11. You can double your betting amount after getting your first two cards or any two cards depending on the casino. With Mulligan, you can replace your first two cards with the next one from the shoe. This move is sensible as there are more chances of getting the dealer busted with big cards like these when the dealer shows any card ranging between 2 and 6.

• No Card Counting

Card counting does not help you to win Blackjack online as the online sites use more stringent RNGs. So, it is better not to learn card counting but the brick and mortar joints. So, better use these joints as your weapon rather than counting. Do not go with a card counting movie!

• Know about House Edge

House edge increases with increasing decks. The different online blackjack games use different decks in a game from one to eight. For instance, a single deck will give the house a 0.17 percentage, whereas it will be a 0.64 percentage in the second deck.

Blackjack FAQs:

Are online blackjack games fair?

This question worries almost every player who chooses to play online Blackjack games. Most of the people believe that the game will go against them in the end as they are neither aware of the dealt person nor watching shuffling of the cards. But, the answer is clearly a YES to this question as these online Blackjack games are fair and nothing fishy is yet found about them.

Is Blackjack rigged?

No, it’s not! The Blackjack online games are protected with laws and regulations in order to provide the players with a safe and secure portal, including free blackjack game casinos. Many people believe that these online games are rigged but if so the casino will go out of business. So, it is not set up but you have to play using your strategies and logic, along with some basic blackjack rules.

However, it is best to go with trusted iPad Online Casinos, iPhone Casinos, or Android Casinos, such as Blackjack Ballroom Casino, myVEGAS Blackjack, Billy Game Slot, or Vegas Blackjack21. There are various applications available online but you have to opt for the best app based on a good review. Download a free blackjack app with a multiplayer feature to become perfect while you practice for becoming a real player!

How many decks are used in blackjack online?

In most of the online live casinos in Canada, only one standard deck is used, that is, of 52 cards. However, it depends on the Blackjack online casino you are playing with as some use more than one deck.

How good are the odds?

If you know the basics, then there are high odds of your winning. This online game is based entirely on mathematical probability. You can take help of a chart available online to get a rough idea. However, if your strategies or logic are clear, then you can surely win this game with high odds.

Just get familiar with basic blackjack rules before you head over to any free blackjack game as practice is going to make you a good sealer, along with good moves on the table. You can also take help of a blackjack trainer for learning all of these strategies.

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