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Best Download Casinos for Real Money 2022

Download IconThe numerous online casinos on the gambling services market offer three options for accessing gaming content. The first and most common option is visiting the official site using a browser from a desktop computer. The second option, which is already a serious competitor to the first one, is the mobile versions of online casino sites that provide access to content via a smartphone or tablet. The third way is to download an online casino, that is, to install the official client of the establishment on the computer or phone. This option is not as advanced as the two previous ones, but it has certain advantages and certainly deserves attention.

The casino is easy to download. The service provider company is directly interested in the maximum possible distribution of the downloaded client. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, players are given the opportunity to download the casino for free directly from the official resource. To do this, pay attention to the menu in the header of the page or banners on the sides. As a rule, links to downloadable content are located there.

We have prepared for you a list of the best download casinos for real money in 2022. You can go to the casino website and download the official application.

Online Casinos with Downloadable App

Advantages of downloadable online casinos

The following factors are among the reasons why it is more convenient and practical to download a casino game rather than play directly on the site:

  • Accessibility: the client installed on your computer, laptop, or smartphone is always at hand. The difference from browser versions is that downloaded programs are not blocked by the authorities. While official websites and mirrors are massively banned after a juridical decision, government agencies are not able to influence the distribution of downloadable software. Download a casino and install it on your computer, then forget about the endless search for working mirrors on the Internet.
  • Easy to download and install: the procedure for downloading software is standard. The player needs to download the installation file from the official site of the desired platform, run the program and follow the instructions of the automatic installer. The algorithm is extremely simple and requires little user intervention.
  • Functionality: applications designed specifically for certain operating systems (for smartphones or computers) have a complete set of functions that are present in a full browser version. You can download online casinos, so you don’t overload your browser with unnecessary tabs and create an extra load on the device’s RAM. Moreover, most downloaded programs have the advantage of speed and response time.
  • Usability: official online casino clients are designed specifically for the needs of users, therefore the game with their help is distinguished by a maximum degree of comfort. A distinctive feature of downloaded programs is the high quality of images and sound. In addition, the casino software ensures smooth scrolling animated elements of slot machines and other types of gambling.
  • No fee: the vast majority of brands allow the casino to be downloaded for free, because they are directly interested in distributing their content to the audience. The use of installed programs or applications guarantees the loyalty of players, so most sites encourage visitors to download the gaming casino instead of using the browser version.
  • A minimum of technical problems: besides government intervention, interactive casinos have other problems. Server failures, hacker attacks, and other technical difficulties eventually occur with any resources. The only way out is to download an online casino and forget about such problems.
  • Opportunity to play for real money: many users, similar to interactive slots of the past, believe that modern online casino programs provide access to content only in demo mode. This is not true. The vast majority of downloadable online clients give the opportunity to play the favorite games for real money.

Perhaps you will find our list of the best download casinos for real money in 2022 useful.

Download Online Casino from Official Websites

On this page you will find a wide range of facilities where you can download online casino with guaranteed protection against malware and viral files.  These resources are verified by experienced experts and a large audience of real players, have impeccable reviews of the quality of work and a variety of game content. A distinctive feature of the list is that each of the presented establishments provides an opportunity to download the casino client from the official website.

The advantages of using the proposed resources are as follows:

  1. Credibility: the reputation of the establishments represented in the list is confirmed by positive assessments of specialists and an excellent set of reviews from real players posted on specialized resources.
  2. Opportunity to download casino from the official sites: each representative of the list provides clients with free access to download the client’s installation file. This provides additional opportunities for players, and in some cases users get access to individual bonuses.
  3. Variety of assortment: the sites selected by us break from numerous slots, card games, roulette and other types of gambling entertainment. All offered content is available in two versions – for playing in demo mode and for real money.
  4. Accessibility: the offered gaming clubs operate in an interactive format, so everyone can use the services of the desired online casino for real money around the clock and year-round.
  5. Number of ways for replenishing and withdrawing funds: a remote game involves transferring money in an online format, so the most popular clubs are those that offer the maximum set of payment services for making deposits and withdrawing winnings.
  6. Fairness: the official status implies licensing of the company in accordance with the requirements of the chosen licensor country (or district, region, offshore zone).
  7. Popularity: a huge audience of interactive establishments in itself indicates the high level of services provided by them. In addition, the casinos represented on our list are included in the TOP ratings of numerous sites specializing in interactive gambling. This means that the functionality and game content of the sites have been appreciated by reputable experts in the field of gambling.

The list of resources with online clients that can be downloaded from the official website of the casino includes all establishments with an assortment of versions other than fixed browsers. In addition, each item in the list is supplemented with a list of versions that are available for download from the company’s website. For example, Joycasino and Casino-X offer users only specialized programs designed to run on the Windows system, while on the sites of the Argo, you can download individual client versions for running Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. The lines are active, so it is enough to simply click on the name of the selected club with the mouse to download the desired program.

Download Casino Games

The alternative option is only suitable for mobile device users. They can download casino games, install a app on their device and use the full functionality in the customized version of smartphones. There are two ways to download the mobile version of the casino as an official app: through the proprietary platform stores (Google Play and AppStore) and from the site of the gambling establishment itself. The first option is rare, due to increased platform requirements that guarantee users the legitimacy of applications placed in stores. Most often, you can download a mobile casino for free from the brand’s official website. In this case, you will need to download the program to your phone and make sure that the device settings allow the installation of applications from unconfirmed sources. After that, you need to run the installation file and follow the instructions.

If it is not possible to download a mobile version of the casino, then in most cases an alternative option is provided. It’s a specialized version of the official site of the establishment for mobile browsers. It doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed, because it starts automatically when you try to open a page using your smartphone browser. Although there is no need to download and install special programs, this option is not quite convenient. This is due to the fact that mobile browsers are quite heavy and load the gadget’s RAM substantially, and their constant operation has a negative impact on the battery’s charge level. In addition, the version of the site adapted for smartphone screens is characterized by unstable work and high traffic costs. From this point of view, it is more profitable and convenient to download casino games on your smartphone. All the graphic and functional elements online casino app look and operate maximally smooth and organic.

On this page, we have collected verifiable online casinos, cooperation with which guarantees users the maximum level of comfort and quality of service. By clicking on the attached links, you can download the mobile casino for free. So far, this feature is only available for two establishments from the list — the Argo offer specialized clients to work on devices running the Android system.

The downloadable software for stationary and mobile devices compares favorably with browser versions. Numerous technical advantages and functional convenience combined with protection from prosecution by regulatory agencies (if you are located in a country where the law prohibits online casino activity) guarantee players the maximum level of comfort. To download a casino means to save yourself from problems related to the browser. The stability and performance of online clients make the game process continuous and convenient. Thanks to the improved quality of sound effects and visual animation, the favorite gambling will appear in a new light.

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