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Roshtein – Casino Streamer

Roshtein casino streamer

Roshtein is the most popular online casino streamer who broadcasts on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube and gathers a huge number of views.

Streamer stands out for his manner of streaming and demeanor. He constantly entertains the audience, jokes and shows a lot of emotion. Perhaps because of this and won the hearts of thousands of gamblers around the world.

Broadcasts are held regularly, once every 2-3 days, or every day. On Twtich on the average one video gets 200000 – 250000 views. On Youtube 10000 – 15000 views.

If you go to Streams page on our web-site you’ll often be able to watch Roshtein’s streams without going to Twitch.

Roshtein’s Reputation

Many viewers believe that Roshstein plays for fake money. This is not surprising, since the streamer’s bets are very large and the amounts he has on his balance make people doubt their reality. But the main audience, watch Roshtein go on and just enjoy the show that the streamer gives them, thanks to his acting.

Roshtein’s Twitch

Roshtein's Twitchwww.twitch.tv/roshtein
821K subscribers. Date of channel registration on Twitch: 2014.

Roshtein’s Youtube

Roshtein's Youtubewww.youtube.com/c/ROSHTEINCASINO
72K subscribers. Date of channel registration on Youtube: 2016.

Roshtein’s Instagram

Roshtein's Instagramwww.instagram.com/roshtein
102K followers. Date of registration: 2016.

Roshtein’s Twitter

Roshtein's Twittertwitter.com/roshteins
61K followers. Date of registration: 2016.

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